Equine Services

Some of the services offered horse owners include:  vaccination services; dental services; colic workup; coggins testing, reproductive services, sick horse diagnosis, euthanasia services, sedation for procedures on uncooperative horses, and surgical castration.  Too busy during the week to have the vet vaccinate your horses?  Ask about our limited Saturday appointments available for equine procedures.

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Cattle Services

Services offered to owners of cattle include but are not limited to:  pregnancy diagnosis via ultrasound examination; diagnosis of sick animals; surgical treatment of displaced abomasum; obstetrical services such as correction of incorrectly positioned calf, C-section surgery, replacement of prolapsed uterus (cast withers),  and correction of twisted uterus; be sure to take advantage of our doctors’ expertise by asking about vaccination recommendations, treatment protocol formulation, reproductive strategy evaluation, and calf health management. Bilingual training presentations for farm employees and translation services are also available.

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Small Ruminant Services

We are pleased to offer routine vaccination services as well as sick animal treatments.  Don’t forget to ask our veterinarians about deworming recommendations.  Limited Saturday morning appointments also available for the busy owner.